Banks make homebuying difficult.

We try to make it easy.

Our rent-to-own programs have helped many people purchase the home of their dreams.

From one of our recent successful clients:

Couldn’t have been Easier!

In October 2014 I sold my condo in Panama City Beach, Florida after just one week on the market. I had not expected it to sell so fast. I found myself in need of a home to move too back in the Atlanta area. We had wanted to move to the Lawrenceville area. Made a trip after looking up some homes online. Needed a unique setup as I did not have time to apply for a loan before I would need to move. Therefore I was looking for a lease purchase option.

Made a trip to Lawrenceville to look at a number of homes. Found my perfect home at 965 Port Way, Lawrenceville. Contacted and made application on October 10th. Closed condo in Florida on 17 October and moved into 965 Port Way on a lease purchase on October 18th,2014. Lease purchase option worked perfect for my needs and I was able to apply and secure my loan in less than two months.

I am grateful to Mr. Daryl Dunahoo and staff for all the assistance they provided in the lease purchase option and then the purchase of my home.

Dr. Daniel H. Willard

965 Port Way, Lawrenceville, GA